Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's Spring - No it's not

It's official, it's Spring.
No it's not. Where's the sunshine and daffodills?
But yesterday was February 1st, start of Spring.
There's no official "start" of spring.
There must be, like December or January.
No, spring isn't a month. It's a season.
Yes I know that. So when does it start?
It doen't just "start" on a particular day. It's a process. you know when people say - spring was late this year. It's to do with growth and warmth of the earth and so on.
So what date does Spring start on?
So yesterday was just a random day, no significance.
Not exactly, it was the feast of St Brigid one of the patron saints of Ireland.
Ah yes she the one who was once a pagan goddess and then turned into a Christian.
I don't think it was actually like that.
But there was a Celtic godess called Brid or something like that?
Probably not, just a made up invention of medieval myth makers.
And this Celtic Spring festival of Imbolx or something like that - I saw it on the internet.
The same invented rubbish probably, made up a thousand years afterwards.
Well at least yesterday was the first of February, you can't dispute that.
Well there is the matter of the eleven days lost in 1752.
Ah yes but that was a change enacted by a government.
An alien colonial government. An undemocratically elected government. Hardly any men and only a handful of women could vote at the time. Hardly a legitimate procedure.
So yesterday should have been . . . . the twelfth of February!! Why don't you give up that history writing and go back to poetry! All these facts and figure are having a bad effect on you. More fancy free composition is what you need!
Indeed. Your opinion is noted.
And by the way spring is normally not written with a capital letter.


Words A Day said...

Wow! you'd give Victor Meldrew a run for his money today! Not spring? (I dont believe it!)

Michael Farry said...

Yes, the italic me is quite a grumpy old man. Still sometimes there's a lot to be grumpy about!!!